As part of our mission to promote walking in our local area we have developed seven walks starting from villages in the north part of the Elham Valley. Catering for both the casual and the seasoned walker the routes range from 4.6 miles (the Parkland Loop) to 20.5 miles (the Bridge – Barham Ring), the routes passing through a wide variety of landscapes, villages and points of interest.

Downloadable files of the main map as well as direction sheets for each route can be found below.



1:   VINEYARD VIEW         5.0m   2.5hrs   easy     Start: Barham

After heading south out of the village of Barham the first section of the walk affords great views across and along the Elham valley. The route passes through the picturesque Covert Wood and the nature reserve at Jumping Downs ending back at the village.


2:  FOUR WOODS         8.7m   4.5hrs   moderate       Start: Barham

Beginning in Barham, the route explores a variety of woodland landscapes with sections of open Downland between. From swathes of bluebells in Spring to the rich colours of Autumn, each season brings to the walk different sights and experiences.


3:  PARKLAND LOOP         4.6m   2.5 hrs   easy       Start: Bishopsbourne

This walk follows the Elham Valley Way to Kingston through the beautiful grounds of Charlton Park, then circles round through the countryside to the south of the villages encountering the embankment and cutting of the former Elham Valley railway.


4:  PETT BOTTOM & BACK   6.4m 3.5 hrs moderate  Start: Bishopsbourne

This longer walk covers high ground to the south of Bishopsbourne with great views to the West, circles via coppice woodland (with an optional pub stop), and meadows before a final leg through the grounds of Bourne House and along the course of the Nailbourne.


5:  SIX CHURCHES            10.3m    5 hrs    moderate         Start: Bridge

Varied landscapes, six local churches and the picturesque village of Patrixbourne feature along the route. The high Downland on the north section provides great views toward the coast, while the last stretch follows the Elham Valley Way across the grounds of two country estates.


6:  OVER THE DOWNS          5.7m    3 hrs    easy          Start: Kingston

Starting from Kingston, the walk crosses the A2 onto the Downs. Circling around woodland, the route heads south and passes through the village of Womenswold before following the North Downs Way with views toward the head of the Elham Valley.


7:  BARHAM-BRIDGE RING        20.4m   10hrs  demanding     Start: Bridge

A great day’s walk following the outer boundaries of the six other routes. Taking in a wide variety of landscapes from the head of the Elham Valley across to the North Downs, the route passes through picturesque villages with local landmarks, cafes and pubs along the way.


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